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Property Investment Mortgage

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We Specialize In Real Estate Investment Financing

We value our clients and strive for excellent service. Our specialists always find the right product to fit your needs. We look at the bigger picture, and we see a suitable solution for every buyer, no matter how much money he has.


We use modern technologies and remain updated all the time. We value your time and money, and not a minute, or a cent will be wasted when you turn to us to help you with your mortgage loan.
We value our reputation and treat every client like a friend with loyalty and respect. Our belief is that our success depends on ethics and moral principles. Mina Mortgage is the company that a customer can trust!

How Can We Help?

When it comes to residential investment properties it is important to know that there are better options than then the big banks. At Mina Mortgage, we have several programs that are just as competitive, but don’t require all the burdensome paperwork like tax returns and income verification.


If your rental property cash-flows, and you have good credit, then you have a great chance at qualifying with low rates, minimal fees. Once we analyze your property, investment strategy, and financial situation we will offer you the most competitive options available in today’s market. Contact us today to learn more and get a loan quote from Mina Mortgage.

Practical Property Investment Solutions

Mina Mortgage specializes in mortgage loans for investment properties. While traditional lenders are often reluctant to finance investment properties, we’re proud of our ability to help real estate investors grow their portfolios. We have loan programs that serve a wide range of real estate investors and we offer broader mortgage qualification options than traditional lenders.


Whether your investment focus is buy-and-hold or fix-and-flip, we take growing your real estate investment assets as seriously as you do and can provide the financing to help you achieve your goals. We can fined lower real estate investment mortgage rates than hard money lenders, so your investment earnings go further.


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There will never be a point during the mortgage application process where you are on your own or are not sure what you need to do next. Mina Mortgage knowledge, friendly home loan experts are on your side.

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Not every homebuyer has a perfect credit score or a long, stable work history. Whatever your story, we will work hard toward getting you into your dream home. We work around your obstacles.

We help you to unlock & unleash the power within.


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